Highcamera Aerial Photographic Service

Specializing in:

Construction Progress
Construction Progress
Real Estate
Real Estate


  • Wide range of formats including digital stills, 120 mm film and digital video.
  • We can also scan high resolution images to compact disc and add annotations for internet applications.
  • Aerial platforms fixed wing or rotary as requested.
  • Will photograph any structure or event.
  • We guarantee satisfaction as to quality and timeliness.
  • Our expertise knows no geographic range.

The costs associated with aerial photography include aircraft rental along with hire of a Commercial rated pilot. These two items alone can easily exceed the costs of a typical set of wedding photographs. We try to hold costs to $600.00 for a packaged set of 10-12 oblique 4" X 6" proofs, negatives or compact disc.

Special Flight Rules Area

Special Flight Rules Area Chart

Photographic subjects located within the red shaded area of the map around Washington D.C. will require a surcharge to cover the additional expense incurred to complete the flight. This may include required security, a larger helicopter to accommodate additional security and a government waivered pilot. Additional lead time will be required to notify and gain clearance from the Federal authorities to complete the flight.

Highcamera Aerial Photographic Service is proud to feature the largest number of aerial photographs on the eastern shore. Images in our galleries are available as full frame prints. Browse our online Aerial Photography Galleries for details.


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